Traditions are among the things that are likely to draw a visitor’s attention when visiting countries like China where elements of intangible cultural heritage are deeply embedded in everyday life. Proverbs and ancestral sayings are among these. One that holds special resonance for me is the seemingly contradictory belief that “there are no ugly women, just lazy ones.” The wearable art collection (jewellery) Intangible stems from my encounters with the traditional aspects that are kept alive through modern-day use rather than merely displayed in sterile museum cases or paraded in tourist productions.

Inspired in China
Part of the touring exhibition after my visit to Guizhou in China, invited by the China Cultural Center in Malta, with venues including the Launch at the Parliament of Malta Building, January 2018.
SkyParks Malta International Airport, May 2018.
The Ministry of Gozo, May 2018.

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