OM is the most sacred syllable. The Om sound is primordial. In my language it is the root word for mother. This applies both to mother earth and a more earthy type of mother. Om is the giver of life. If to live is to suffer than Om is the mother of all suffering. The way to end the suffering is to embrace life as a transient reality. This involves courageous acceptance. Transparency makes things clearer. It is essential fundamentalism.

Acrylic and glass paint on Plexiglass.
29 cm x 26 cm x 1 cm

This work was originally created for the event Mara – a month dedicated to women – at Palazzo Pereira in March 2015 .

From 13 June – 1 September 2019 it is exhibited at Ausländerrat Dresden e.V. – Heinrich-Zille-Straße 6, 01219 Dresden during OSTRALE Biennale 019.