RED Leaf is a permanent outdoor seating designed for the Presidents Verdala Sculpture Garden, Malta.

The concept is an inspired interpretation of the beauty of nature when this reaches its decomposing stages.

The original 3d render seen in the second image, indicates how a large scale Red Leaf would be incorporated within a natural setting, becoming one with the surrounding natural environment. Though the final reproduction at Verdala Gardens was made into a smaller scale. Red Leaf is located in a very peaceful area of the Verdala Gardens. The idea of having no ordinary four-legged seating and having one that gives the user a sensation of physical elevation, further contributes to a search for internal peace.

The designed pattern and form makes sure that rain would flow gently down the surface and across the voids, thus making the design more practical.
The play of light with the surface pattern creates a pattern of shadows that blends harmoniously in the surrounding spiritual atmosphere.

At first glance the whole set of three Red Leafs displayed at the Verdala Gardens, give a floating illusion, as if they just dropped from a tree and are about to rest on the ground. Their low height also acts as a philosophical reminder about our human connection with nature.

The Red Leaf also inspired the White seating that was also reproduced to embellish the Verdala Gardens and provide visitors with a more playful and creative experience.

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